Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Pinch of Galicia at Sundance

1977, an animation short film from Peque Varela (Ferrol, 1977) has been selected among more than 5000 proposals to participate at the Sundance Film Festival to be held from January 17th to January 27th 2008 in Park City, Utah.

1977 (9 min., color, Sony HD Cam) will be part of the Animation Spotlight, a collection of nine animation stories that “whether hand-drawn, computer-animated, or stop-motion, are more mesmerizing and daring than ever”.

The film is Varela’s graduation project at the London’s National Film and Television School (in fact, 1977 is credited as an UK film). An autobiographical work, 1977 includes Galician locations bound to Varela’s childhood like the Carranza neighbourhood in Ferrol Vello or Ares.

Congratulations, Peque!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Galician cinema in Havana

Two Galician co-productions participate in the Havana's Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. Jorge Algora's The Mud Boy and Carlos Larrondo's LT22 Radio La Colifata. The first one have been already discussed in this blog, so please refer to previous posts. Larrondo's documentary tells the story of Radio La Colifata, a radio station run entirely by the patients of the J.T.Borda Psychiatric Hospital in Buenos Aires. Recorded and broadcast from the hospital gardens, it is heard the world over.

This radio station breaks down the dividing wall between the “sane” and the “insane”. It gives the word to “the insane”, who in turn show us, the “sane”, the many things are we incapable of seeing.

The festival also hosted a press conference were directors and producers involved talked about their films (Jorge Algora and Susana Maceiras for The Mud Boy; Carlos Larrondo and Antón Reixa for LT22...).

More than 1500 people assisted to the first two presentations of El Niño de Barro at the Cine Yara in Vedado, Havana.