Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Dirty Wolfs at Big Apple’s TriBeCa

Next 5th May will be premiered at the New York’s TriBeCa Film Festival the documentary short film Lobos Sucios / Dirty Wolfs. This film, directed by Felipe Rodríguez Lameiro a.k.a. Pipe, puts together a bunch of stories about the wolfram black market at Casaio mines during WW2.

The film, in which also participated Galician writer Manuel Rivas as a literary advisor, whas shot at Valdeorras, in locations like Fraga de Ricosende, Soutadoiro, Casaio, Viana do Bolo, Pena Trevinca, O Barco de Valdeorras or A Rúa de Valdeorras.

The title of this work plays with the original meaning of the word wolfram, which comes from German wolfram = wolf + ram, originally used as a pejorative term, ram meaning “dirt”, probably because considered of little value in comparison to tin.

Congratulations, Pipe!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Galicia at Malaga 2008 Film Festival

Galician film production contributes with four works to the 11th edition of the Malaga Spanish Film Festival to be held from April, 4th to April, 12th at the andalusian city of Malaga. Two Galician feature films and two documentaries have been selected as a part of the 32 works included in the official section.

Galician director Xavier Bermúdez is presenting the movie Rafael starring Galician actors Manuel Cortés and Mary Tasende, among others. Rafael is about a man who balances his job as a public servant with his obsession for women.

The official section also includes Guillermo Fernández Groizard’s Proyecto Dos, co-produced by Galician Filmanova. The film is about a scientist who maintains a happy life with his son and his wife, an English/Spanish translator. He will discover by chance a piece of news that will make him doubt about everything around him, even about his own identity.

Among the documentaries of the official section, Olaia Sendón presents the experimental project Los fabulosos hermanos de la luz, which recalls the experiences of old cinema theaters in Galicia. This section also includes Margarita Ledo’s Lister pronunciado Liste, an approach to the figure of Galician communist politician Enrique Lister.

Along its eleven editions, Malaga has become an effective platform for the presentation of Spanish – and therefore Galician – films.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Kuleshov Effect Again. This time Galicia and Gibara

Susana Rei’s As Cousas de Kulechov continues its journey around international festivals. This time is the turn of the International Non-Budget Film Festival to be held in Gibara (Cuba) from April 14th to April 20th.

This festival, organized by the Cuban Institute for Art and Film Industry (ICAIC), the Cuban Ministry of Culture, and the local governments of Holguín and Gibara, strives for a liberating and independent cinema in spite of market pressures.

Cousas de Kulechov is a fake documentary short film in which the Galician filmmaker met en scène a montage of Galician festivities’ shots turned into a newsreel about a hypothetical war attack against Galicia.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A pinch of Galicia in a Shrinking Room

La Habitación de Fermat (Fermat’s Room) received the Best Script and Silver Meliès awards at 28th edition of Fantasporto, the Porto International Film Festival.

La Habitación de Fermat is the first feature film written and directed by famous Galician comedian Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña. As skilful television writers and directors, they are behind some of the most successful shows in Spanish television (Nada x Aquí, El Club de la Comedia). The film is about four mathematicians who do not know each other are invited by a mysterious host on the pretext of resolving a great enigma. The room in which they find themselves turns out to be a shrinking room that will crush them if they do not discover in time what connects them all and why someone might wish to murder them.

Parabems, Luis!

Monday, 10 March 2008

New York hosts Galician Digital Production Overview

A selection of Galician documentary, tv-movie and short films is travelling to New York next April. The selection, already shown in Galicia in the framework of the Cinemas Dixitais program of the Axencia Galega do Audiovisual, will be hosted by Big Apple’s Circulo Español Social and Cultural Society.
No dates yet, but available soon...

Lech Kowalski’s Master Class at Play Doc

Director Lech Kowalski is offering a master class at 4th Edition of Play Doc International Documentary Festival to be held in Tui from March, 12th to March, 16th. The master class will take place on Saturday, 15th at 17:00, where Kowalski will lecture about his peculiar way of doing and understanding cinema.

Play Doc will also feature Kowalski’s trilogy The fabulous art of surviving, comprising the films The boot factory, On Hitler’s Highway and East of Paradise.

A wonderful chance to learn a lot about cinema!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Galician Animation travels to Postdam

Five Galician animation companies participate at the 10th edition of Cartoon Movie, which is taking place in Postdam (Germany) till next Friday.

With the aim of contribute to the internationalization of Galician animation production, and with the financial support of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster, production companies Ficción Produccións, Deboura Deseños Animados, Bren Entertainment, Continental Producións and Filmax Animation travel to Postdam to negotiate the financing and the distribution of future feature-length projects, among other initiatives.

Besides, Filmax animation is presenting its feature films Donkey Xote and Nocturna. These works will compete with other 47 animation projects from 16 European countries.

According to Cartoon Media, Cartoon Movie was designed along the lines of the successful Cartoon Forum, which aims at facilitating the financing of animation TV series. But Cartoon Movie also offers improvements in the management of cross-border film distribution systems in Europe. Distributors in Europe so far did not feel very comfortable about producing projects that did not originate from their own country. Cartoon Movie is changing the behaviour patterns and the mentalities within this business sector.

Herzliche Glückwünsche, meine Freunde! Und denken Sie daran: galicischen Animation ist eine weltweite Referenz!

If It's Sunday, This Must Be Belgium

The Galician Centre at Brussels participates at the Bruxelles, capitale l´Europe presentations with a selection of Galician short films, among other activities.

The films, which will be premiered at La Tentation premises (28, rue de Laeken - 1000 Brussels) next March, 16th, include:

Carne de cañón (2006, Darío Fernández Ignacio)
Cousas de Kulechov (2006, Susana Rei)
Meniña (2006, Daniel Domínguez García)
Precio (2006, Eva Quintás Froufe)
Longo sendeiro de pedra (2006, Pablo Millán)
Sen chumbo (2006, Jorge Saavedra Mancebo)
A meiga chuchona (2006, Pablo Millán)
A Rosa dos Ventos (2006, Jairo Iglesias Martínez)
A flor máis grande do mundo (2006, Juan Pablo Etcheverry)

The selection has been made with the collaboration of the Axencia Galega do Audiovisual. Bruxelles, capitale l´Europe is an initiative of the European Movement-Belgium.

An interesting proposal if you happen to be in Brussels next March, 16th...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Curtas na Rede goes to Porto

Curtas na Rede, the short film and micromovie contest organized by de Galician Youth Council and Xunta de Galicia, was presented yesterday at the Portuguese Youth Foundation in Porto. This way, Curtas na Rede opens its online community and offers the chance to young audiovisual creators at both sides of the common border to share their ideas, their projects, ...

Curtas na Rede’s 3rd edition becomes international through the participation of both the Portuguese Youth Council and Eixo Atlántico, an association of Galician and Northern Portuguese Cities with the aim of forming an urban lobby to motivate EU authorities into providing funds to develop the region. Besides, Northern Portugal and Galicia share lots of cultural, social and economical bindings.

Remember: Curtas na Rede is open to participation! Register at http://www.curtasnarede.es/