Sunday, 25 May 2008

I'm back

So it's almost a month since my last post (May, 1st, Labor Day). The reason: As a part of the Three Desires Singular Events partnership I contributed to the organization of the Día das Letras Galegas institutional events in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so I had to spend most of this month working on these activities both in Galicia and Bs. As.

This was a challenging work that could only be successfully completed thanks to the commitment and professionalism of all participating people. We worked hard, even beyond expectations, and learned a lot about designing and producing cultural events, and we learned a lot about each other too.

The most valuable lesson: it’s great to find out that there are people you can lean on.

German recognition to Galician (short)filmmaker

The Spanish Cinema Week De Cortos a Largos, to be held in Regensburg (Germany) includes a restrospective of director, writer and actor Alber Ponte, the most prolific Spanish / Galician short film maker. The retrospective includes nine short films and the feature film El Don de la Duda .

This event will be held from May, 29th to June, 5th at Regensburg’s Filmgalerie im Leeren Beutel and at Innenhof des Historischen Museums, Dachauplatz.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Esther, Petra, Cornelia, Ruth und Pedro!

Spring Harvest

May in Galicia has become a movie-centric month. Apart from the Cans Film Festival (no typo, see why) four full feature Galician films are being released these days:

  • Pedro Rivero’s animation comedy Crise Carnívora. Something to munch for gore comedies lovers.
  • Javi Camino’s horror comedy ¡Maldito Bastardo! An entrails devouring virus, a human still, a gratuitous slaughter…
  • Mario Iglesias’ third film Cartas Italianas, which was premiered at the Cans Film Festival.
  • Ramón Costafreda’s opera prima Abrígate. A sentimental comedy about the universal quest for self identity.

Films for everybody: commercial, author’s, comedy, animation, horror, gore… hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Italian success of Galician gynecologist

Alfonso Camarero's first shortfilm A Xinecóloga (The Gynecologist, 2008, DVCPro, 10') was awarded the second prize at the Valsusa Filmfest's short film contest. The 12th edition of Valsusa Filmfest was held from March 1st to May 2nd at the Valley of Susa in the Italian Region of Piedmont.

According to the organizers, this festival is open to all independent film-makers creating films evoking historical recollections and/or environmental protection. Valsusa Filmfest would like to present images of our time and our history as well as environmental issues, in an original way to the forthcoming generations. A stimulus to enlighten and inform them of the changes and the cultural diversities of this century.

A Xinecóloga has already been selected for other festivals like Corto in Bra (Italy), Semana 11th Mostra de Cinema Jove d'Elx (Spain), 8th Nice's Short Film Festival (France), Festival internacional de cine pobre (Cuba), Tinklai International Short Film Festival (Lithuania), or Rec 08 festival de cinema de Tarragona (Spain).

Congratulations, Alfonso!

Galician art for a Hollywood blockbuster?

Boom Studios' sci-fi comic book series North Wind, a creation of Galician comic art designer Alex Cal, may become a Hollywood blockbuster. US production company Davis Entertainment (Garfield, Dr. Dolittle, Eragon, I Robot) has picked up the rights to North Wind, with original series writer David DiGilio onboard to adapt the five comics for the screen.