Sunday, 25 January 2009

Galician documentary short films in Genève

A Nosa Galicia’s Sala Ourense will host from January 30th to February 1st a selection of Galician documentary short films produced between 2006 and 2008. The program includes Xurxo González’s Señores do Vento, Susana Rei’s Cousas de Kulechov, Oliver Laxe’s Paris #1, Pablo Millán’s Longo sendeiro de pedra, Oscar Galansky’s A guerra dos avós, Lara Bacelo’s John Ballan, detrás da porta, Marcos Nine’s JEDN, Isabel Martínez’s A república dos soños, Daniel López’s Naufraxio, Sabela Pernas’ Mundo bazar, and Jorge Saavedra’s Ferro ardendo.

A Nosa Galicia is a Galician cultural center established in 1967 mostly by second-generation Galicians living in Genève. Its activities include the promotion of Galician traditional music, with active groups of pandereteiras, and dance and bagpipe ensembles, theater, the promotion of cinema, and the organization of courses and other social activities.

G2 on air soon

Galician public broadcaster Manager Director Suso Iglesias announced yesterday that G2, the second program of TVG, is scheduled to be on air next February, 2nd.

G2 is mainly directed to youth audiences, and its grid will combine in-house production and international shows. The week-end will also be devoted to sports, with a clear focus on alternative and local sports.

G2 will be available through the broadcaster’s DVB-T network.

Touriñ IDNA enters personal television

President of the Government of Galicia and candidate to the reelection Emilio Perez Touriño’s Internet television was presented this week in Santiago de Compostela.

Touriñ is the first Internet television whose hosting domain includes the character “ñ”, a distinctive sign of Spanish and Galician. Standard for domain names requires a subset of the ASCII code, and consequently does not allow such characters.

Much work has gone into finding a way to internationalize domain names trying to preserve the stability of the domain name system at the same time. Rather than redesigning the existing DNS infrastructure, it was decided that non-ASCII domain names should be converted to a suitable ASCII-based form by web browsers, mail clients and other user applications, and the Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications initiative (IDNA) specifies how this conversion is to be done. For instance, IDNA-compliant browsers and mail clients will convert touriño into xn--tourio-0wa and vice versa, x--tourio-0wa being used internally by internet protocols and the Domain Name Service.

You can enjoy President Touriño’s TV at domains touriñ and in case you have not updated your browser yet.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Cinema & The Way of Saint James

Planning a pilgrimage to Santiago? If you are a film freak, and provided you are reading my blog about Galician cinema in English probably this is the case, why not to revise some of the many movies about or related to the Way of Saint James to inspire you?

Here are some of them:

Cotolay. José Antonio Nieves Conde
El Bordon y la Estrella. León Klimovsky
El Pórtico de la Gloria. Rafael J. Salvia
La Voie Lactée. Luis Buñuel
Flor de Santidad. Adolfo Marsillach.
La Rosa de Piedra. Manuel Palacios
Camino de Santiago. Robert Young
Tres en el Camino. Laurence Boulting
Camino de Santiago. El Origen. Jorge Algora
One day in Europe. Antón Reixa
Saint-Jacques... La Mecque. Coline Serreau.
Gisaku. Baltasar Pedrosa

Besides, last work of critic Ramón Herrera Cine jacobeo. El Camino de Santiago en la pantalla collects some of these and other films related in some way to the itineraries to Compostela, so you have some reading to complement your movie experience too :-)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

TVG 2008: Best ratings ever!

Galician public broadcaster TVG acheived in 2008 the best share figures ever with an average 15.5%. TVG ranked the second regional broadcaster in Spain after Andalusian Canal Sur with a 16.8% share, and got better figures in Galicia than well-established national broadcasters as La Sexta or Cuatro. During 2008 TVG succeeded in consolidating its audience and drastically reducing the gap with other major national stations as TVE, Tele 5 or Antena 3.

Indeed, TVG rules the prime time with shows like Luar (22.6% avg. share), Padre Casares (22.5%) or Libro de Familia (21.9%), all of them Galician productions.

If not living in Galicia, you may follow TVG through the International TVG program, which is available through the following satellite and cable networks:

  • Galicia TV Europa: Free on Hispasat 1C and Astra; TV Cabo Portugal, Cabovisão and Bragatel in Portugal; Genius Network in Romania; Telegeneva-Digitable and Cablecom in Switzerland.
  • Galicicia TV America: Free on Hispasat; Multicanal and other additional local cable networks in Argentina; Supercanal in Bolivia; Video Cable Continental in Chile; Sky and Cablevision in Mexico; Riselco, Montecable, TCC and Canal 49 in Uruguay; Cabletel-Veninfotel and other local cable networks in Venezuela.... and cable networks in Republica Dominicana, Paraguay, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador...
You may access the comple list here.

Congratulations to Benigno, Suso, Pastor, Canal, Roberto, Dudi and the rest of the TVG team!