Monday, 27 April 2009

Madrid is not so far away

Felipe Vega, Julio Llamazares and Ángel Fernández Zoido's O Pequeno Eloxio da Distancia / The Little Eulogy of Distance (DVD, 15', 2008) has been selected for participation at Documenta Madrid's short film national competition, to be held in Madrid from May, 1st to May 10th.

This documentary short film reflects one year in the authors' life looking for a secret hidden deep in the forest, beneath the rain, in the mist of A Fonsagrada, a mysterious land to the east of the Galician province of Lugo.

Congratulations Felipe, Julio and Ángel!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Relevant Galician presence at Marché du Film

A delegation of ten Galician companies from the Galician Audiovisual Cluster will participate at this year’s edition of Marché du Film, to be held in Cannes from May, 13th to May, 23rd.

With this initiative, Adivina Producciones, Cinemar Films, Continental Producciones, Dygra Films, Filmanova, Ficción Producciones, Formato Producciones, Milou Films, Voz Audiovisual and Xamalú Filmes will try to foster their relations with the key stakeholders of this sector at an international level.

Good luck!

Ángel de la Cruz awarded at Porto

Galician director Ángel de la Cruz (Los muertos van deprisa, El Bosque Animado) has received the Manuel de Oliveira special award at the 1st edition of PortoCine, an independent film festival held in Porto from April 17th to April 20th.

Ángel de la Cruz’s Los muertos van deprisa was the film selected for the official opening of the festival at Porto’s Cinema Batalha.

Congratulations, Ángel!

Monday, 20 April 2009

My Favorite Short Film List

This is my top favorite Galician short film list. Probably film experts / critics will not agree with some of the entries in this proposal but, what the heck, it’s mi favorite list.

Btw, order is alphabetical.

Thanks to Curtas na Rede, Flocos.TV and Mundo Corto for providing the links to enjoy them.

Enjoy them!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Padre Casares to evangelize Monte-Carlo

Voz Audiovisual TV series Padre Casares has been nominated in four categories at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival TVFest 09. Only two additional Spanish TV shows are among the nominees, Spanish public broadcaster TVE’s Cuéntame, and Antena 3’s El Internado. Only 51 TV productions from 22 different countries have reached the final phase of the 49th edition of this renowned festival, to be held in Monte-Carlo from 7th to 11th June, 2009.

Padre Casares will be competing for the Golden Nymph award in the categories:
Besides Spanish hits Cuéntame and El Internado, performers and producers in Padre Casares will compete with international TV series like ABC Studios' Lost, American Movie Classics' Mad Men or 20th Century Fox Television's Boston Legal.

Padre Casares is one of the most successful TV series aired by Galician public broadcaster TVG, with recurring prime-time share figures well over 25% in Galicia.

Congratulations to all who made it possible!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Eloy Lozano. The End.

Galician cinematographer Eloy Lozano passed away yesterday. One of the most active fighters for an independent Galician cinema, Eloy Lozano was the first cinematographer in producing a feature film in Galician: Retorno a Tagen Ata (1974).

Eloy Lozano was a key figure in developing the idea of a self-conscious Galician cinema. Among others, he pioneered the Galician video-creation movement in the ’80 with works like Numeralia or Catro Escultores. He also restored the seminal film O Carro e o Home (1941), created the production company Off Filmes and promoted the Ourense International Film Festival.

Among his late works, he directed Bellas Durmientes (1999) after Yasunari Kawabata’s story, produced the TV show Idea e Territorio on contemporary architecture, and directed the documentary film Quen son? (2008) analyzing Galician identitary matters.

Farewell, Eloy!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pradolongo bust share registers at TVG

Ignacio Villar’s Pradolongo achieved an average prime-time audience share of 20% on its première at the Galician broadcaster TVG last Tuesday. During the time the film was on air, TVG became the preferred station among all stations received in Galician households.

The film, starring Galician actors and shot in Galician language at Galician locations, is confirmed as one of the most valued films by Galician audiences.

Congratulations, Ignacio, Tamara, Rubén, Roberto, and the rest of the cast!

Coser e Cantar at Gibara

Having as one of his main objectives to introduce Galicia beyond Galician borders, Galician actor and cinematographer Rubén Rios is presenting his late work Coser y Cantar at the Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre de Gibara (Cuba).

Coser e Cantar is a story about personal endeavour in a totalitarian society where personal dreams strive to survive.

Congratulations Ruben!