Saturday, 11 July 2009

Galician professionals associations unite

The Galician Actors & Actresses Association (AAAG), a The Galician Association of Film Writers (AGAG), The Galician Association of Audiovisual Technical Staff (ATEGA) and the Galician Association of Directors (CREA) have united to claim for their rights to the Galician administration.

Their first press communiqué collects the following claims:
  • A continuous dialogue between the Galician administration and the professional associations. This dialogue should be institutionally acknowledged with the integration of the professional associations in the body that eventually will assume the responsibilities of Galician audiovisual promotion.
  • The immediate resumption by the Department of Culture of the open calls for funding.
  • The presence of specialists in the commissions evaluating the proposals submitted to funding calls.
  • Coordination between the Galician public broadcaster TVG and the Department of Culture to guarantee the feasibility of the projects funded by the Department of Culture.
  • The resumption of the Audiovisual Support Plan that was outlined in the previous period of office.
  • Credible assurance of compliance by the RTVG with the law which requires it to invest 5% of their income on film production.

More information in a nutshell

As discussed in a previous post, the Galician Audiovisual Observatory publishes a series of reports about specific aspects of the media sector.

New reports available since that post are:

Again, reports are in Galician, but most of the relevant information corresponds to figures and charts. The rest: a wonderful opportunity to improve your Galician!

Enjoy them!